Autologik RPA works with your organisation to select and implement the optimal automation framework to deliver a more efficient and smarter workforce


Cut Audit Costs

Drastically cut the cost of internal audit by implementing bots to do the job far more efficiently.

Fast Regulatory Reporting

Regulators now expect increasingly large datasets delivered fast and to their exact standards: a perfect scenario for RPA.

Better MI

Stop continually integrating your MI source data with new interfaces and standardise the process using RPA.

Work Smarter

Nothing makes your workforce more smarter than RPA: help make your people deliver value by reducing their repetitive admin tasks.

Autologik Voice takes your company’s phone calls Рwhich is unstructured data Рand structures them smart data that can then be processed and analysed


Mitigate risk and identify fraud

Reduce false positives to take action faster, detect fraud and intent of committing fraud.


Reduce operational Costs

Reduce false positives to take action faster, detect fraud and intent of committing fraud.View potential risk indicatiors, avoiding fines and improving your reputation

Improve customer relationships

Provide evidence on trade disputes

Comply with regulation

Proactively monitor voice comms and keep record from 5 to 7 years

Autologik enables customers to easily execute their regulatory obligations on the structuring, surveillance and retention of electronic and voice communications


Customers can gain key insights into their unstructured data that make the workplace compliant with global regulatory requirements and business best practice.


Autologik is able to implement solutions on customer IT infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Where necessary we work out of normal business hours in order to achieve business continuity.